About the company

StatSoft Poland is a distributor of Statistica software in Poland and a partner in the provision of technical support to Polish users of Statistica. For over 20 years, we have been working within the Statistica structures (formerly StatSoft Inc.), specialising in data analysis. We have also created a range of programs which allow for seamless data analysis in the production and quality control of medical and cosmetic products, giving your business a competitive advantage. We also offer non-standard analytical and reporting systems, adjusted to the specific requirements of individual users.
Apart from high-quality analytical and reporting software, whose quality is evidences by the success of our customers, we also provide deployment, validation, consulting and training services. For years we have been the largest organiser of courses and training dedicated to broadly understood statistics and data analysis in Poland. With the pharmaceutical sector in mind, we have created a series of training sessions entitled “Statistics in Pharma”, which, in a user-friendly manner, presents structured in-depth knowledge of the current GMP standards and their practical implications.

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