Our solutions named a leader in the Forrester Wave report: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021


We are excited to announce that TIBCO has become a leader in The Forrester Wave ™: Streaming Analytics, Q2 2021! Advanced analysis, development tools, usability and high availability - according...


Monitoring and evaluation of product quality attributes – join the webinar!


What statistical methods can be used to assess product quality during a periodic product quality review or an ongoing process verification to evaluate stability, identify atypical trends and process capability? Among other things,...


Regression analysis – what is it and when should it be used? Join the webinar – on May 12!


Linear regression is one of the most widely used basic statistical methods. With its help, we can study relationship between causes and an effect that is measurable on a quantitative...


Spotfire 11 – the latest release of the data visualization and data science platform


On April 28 at 02:00 PM there will be a webinar during which you will learn: ● how to easily import data from different sources, combine and transform them with...


Monitoring and evaluation of the product in stability studies


Do you want to expand and consolidate your knowledge of stability research? If so, we invite you to participate in our free webinar,which will take place on April 21, 2021...


Automation in Statistica – we invite you to the webinar!


During performing analyzes in practice, we often deal with repetitive tasks. Performing them can be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and besides, it is simply boring. It often turns out that the analysis...


Webinar on the ongoing process verificationon on March 24!


What data analysis methods to use to identify undesirable trends during verifying the ongoing process? What prerequisites must be met prior to verification? How to do it properly? These questions...


Software for clinical studies – our new program is ready!


Statistical analysis of clinical trials of the bioequivalence of medicines, substances or treatments can be faster and easier! We have completed the Software for clinical studies, which allows you to...

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